Fronius TransTig 210 TIG / Stick Welder


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When developing the TransTig 210, Fronius' goal was entirely on the benefit for the welder in the field. What is needed is absolutely clear: a perfect, stable arc. The higher operating frequency of the inverter technology makes this stability possible - due to precise control. Other benefits of this optimized process technology are maximum efficiency in the duty cycle, the output power and the mains voltage supply. Last but not least, this increased efficiency also makes welding more enjoyable!

Get Efficient TIG Welding w/ Resonant Inverter Technology

Weld for four minutes without a break at 210 Amps (40% Duty Cycle). On average, weld for one minute longer than the competition.

The inverter technology can compensate for the voltage fluctuation or an input voltage that is too low, so that the maximum output power is always supplied. A huge advantage, especially in poor power grids.

The high bandwidth of the power supply makes the TransTIG 210 compatible with almost any grid - from every part of the world. A real multivoltage welder!

Robust Plastic Housing & Function Carrier

The function carriers the central element in the design of power sources. It keeps all of the components in place. Like the housing, it is made of durable plastic and has been tested for mechanical loads that far exceed the standard. The carrier provides for the ultimate in durability while at the same time maintaining a low weight

*This power source has an IP23 rating against rain, dirt and debris.

TIG Functionality & Specs

High Frequency Ignition

Should part access limitations necessities the use of welding torches without a torch trigger, Touch HF ignition is required. The machine detects contact with the workpiece and - after a defined period of time has elapsed - ignites the arc exactly at the desired point.

Gas Test Function/Gas Purging

Adjust and check the optimum gas flow without igniting the arc or purging the torch hose-pack following extended downtimes.

PTD - Pulse/TAC Display

Function Curve

This function can be used to add two additional welding parameters - "Pulse" and "TAC" - to the function curve on the control panel.

Stick Functionality & Specs
Electrode Pulse Welding

Universal Pulse Mode

Electrode pulse mode enables better weld properties in out-of-position welding and increased gap-bridging ability. It is ideally suited to welding vertical-up seams.


If a short circuit occurs (electrode sticking during electrode welding), the power source is switched off immediately. This prevents electrode burn-out and/or serious weld seam faults.

Arc-Force Dynamic

If basic electrodes are welded with coarse droplet material transfer at a low current (underloaded), there is a risk of sticking. To rule this out, more current is supplied for split seconds just before sticking. The electrode burns freely, preventing sticking.


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