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Quest Specialty Quest - Pen Ease

Quest - Pen Ease


5280 PEN EASE Food Grade Penetrating Oil

PEN EASE Food Grade Penetrating Oil is designed for use as a penetrating oil for applications requiring a product which meets NSF H1 requirements. It is used to loosen and free hard to remove nuts, bolts, screws, etc. This formulation is also an excellent rust inhibitor.

It meets the requirements for incidental food contact and is safe for all metal surfaces and most plastics. PEN EASE comes with a pinpoint spray extension applicator to reach the most difficult areas and to extend the distance it can be sprayed.

It provides high-performance penetrating lubrication while maintaining food-grade integrity. A high percentage of rust inhibitors also makes this an excellent H1 spraydown oil to help eliminate rust after pressure washing or steam cleaning of equipment.

An excellent product for use on slides, bearings, pistons and rings, seals and pump parts, belts, etc. Great for use in fast service food preparation, cut meat cold room packaging in supermarkets, packaged meat units for franchise outlets, ice cream filling equipment, milk bottle equipment.

  • Light, clean, quick penetrant
  • Excellent rust preventative
  • Gives long-lasting lubrication
  • Food-processing friendly
  • Loosens corroded parts
  • Speeds up disassembly and retooling


12 - 20 oz. cans/case, 15 oz net weight

$173.91 ex. Tax

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