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Quest Specialty Quest Graffiti Gone Vandalism Mark Remover

Quest Graffiti Gone Vandalism Mark Remover


2210 GRAFFITI GONE Vandalism Mark Remover

GRAFFITI GONE is a USDA authorized extra heavy duty cleaner which will remove all types of ink without damaging surfaces. Unique gel base stays in place to clean vertical and irregular shapes.

Works great on wood, porcelain, concrete, steel, aluminum, brass, cement and tile. Removes ink marks, crayon markings, road tar, scuff marks and pencil markings.

  • Gel formula adheres to vertical surfaces for longer contact time
  • This versatile product removes lipstick, ink, paints, crayon, wax, pencil marks and scotch tape marks
  • Removes unsightly marks restoring surface appearance
  • No CFC’s


12 - 20 oz cans/case, 15 oz net weight

$131.84 ex. Tax

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