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Quest Specialty Quest - Big Red

Quest - Big Red


BIG RED is a cured lubricant which withstands heat to 350°F, moisture, acids, high pressure and is highly rust resistant.

This 50 state VOC compliant formula provides superior lubrication while forming a thick, long-lasting film to prevent future corrosion. A high pressure additive reduces wear and prolongs operational life of all machinery. Temperatures above 350°F may require periodic reapplication.

This lubricant is great for use on chains, winches, conveyors, gears, cables, tools, hinges, bushings, pins, levers and rollers. For use in all areas of industrial maintenance.

  • Waterproof and prevents corrosion
  • Red color provides easy visual inspection
  • Provides superior lubrication
  • Accepts high pressure
  • 0°F – 350°F temperature range
  • Prevents rust—extends life of equipment
  • Forms a thick, long-lasting film
  • VOC compliant in all 50 states


12 - 20 oz. cans/case, 14 oz net weight

$172.44 ex. Tax

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