Metabo HPT - Multivolt 36V/18V Li-Ion Battery

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Multivolt 36V/18V Li-Ion Battery

Metabo HPT introduces the first cordless-corded solution that meets the power output demand on a job site. MultiVolt offers the power of a corded tool, the freedom of a cordless platform, and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools with a battery or plug into an outlet. Metabo HPT batteries use 21700 cells, delivering 1,440+watts of power, similar to 120V-15amp corded power tools. This allows for greater power and approximately 46% more capacity. The battery delivers 4 Ah of runtime in the Metabo HPT 36 V platform and 8 Ah of runtime in the Hitachi-Metabo HPT 18V platform. Cordless or corded-you decide.