Welding PPE: A Guide for welders and purchasers and supply.

Welding PPE: A Guide for welders and purchasers and supply.

Published by Buster's Industrial Supply on Oct 20th 2022

Flash. Sparks. Heat. Smoke. All of these are part of welding jobs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to just put up with them. In fact, just the opposite is true, as experienced, professional welders know it’s smart and provides better work product when you are protected while doing your job.

With the benefit of personal protection equipment, such as you can find at a company like Buster's Industrial, for example, you can concentrate on what you’re doing and not the discomfort you would feel otherwise.

This equipment, also known as PPE, comes in many forms, each one tailored for a specific task. For welding, there are many common elements that each worker needs to ensure their safety.

Some items immediately spring to mind when one considers personal protection equipment for welders. The first is generally a hood that protects the face and eyes from the brilliant flare of the welding itself as well as sparks. Filters help prevent inhaling the smoke that arises from the process.

Gloves are also crucial and come most frequently in the form of leather gauntlets that protect the hands and lower arms. Hand cooler heat shields are also useful gear as are welding sleeves. Many welders also use a heavy-duty apron to protect themselves from sparks and heat.