Proper Spill Containment Techniques

Proper Spill Containment Techniques

Published by Buster's Industrial Supply on Oct 20th 2022

Spills happen. It’s a fact of life, despite the best of preparations, care, and safety training of the individuals involved. It doesn’t have to be a major incident though, even with the most dangerous of chemicals, if proper containment techniques are followed to the letter.

If you are charged with being prepared for spill containment, then you should make sure that your inventory includes all the necessary equipment that is available from a company such as Buster's Industrial.

You’re going to need to look at preventative measures first, but then, it’s smart to prepare for the worst and be ready in the event that a spill occurs. In that way, you can minimize the impact and risk.

A drum spill containment platform is very effective in holding any chemicals that may be splashed or slopped while working with barrels of product. This is a simple solution that passively works to reduce the likelihood of a spill spreading

It’s also important to have on hand universal spill kits throughout your location. By having these easily accessible, spills can be attended to and contained immediately. It’s also good practice to have safety markers to warn individuals of the danger and to keep them away from the area.